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    Camp MITIOG is accredited by the American Camp Association Share, Inc.

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Camp MITIOG's History PDF Print E-mail

In 1969, Madolynn Burlington, a member of the Cystic Fibrosis Auxiliary, discovered there was no camping program for children with this disease.  She approached the Kansas City Stake of the RLDS Church (now the Community of Christ) to begin such a camp.  The first camp initially served two goals:

  • Meeting the needs of this special population.
  • Providing an opportunity of involving church youth in a meaningful service project.

A few years later, adding children with Spina Bifida into the camp came about through another person who suggested combining both of these special populations into one camp.  Since that time, the camp has expanded in both campers and staff.  While the camp was started as a project for the Kansas City Stake of the RLDS Church (now the Community of Christ), it has taken on a community endeavor flavor with a number of staff, medical staff, counselors and Executive Committee being composed of interested parties from a broader community.

In 1989, camp leaders approached Share, Inc., a local non-profit 501-(c) (3) organization to take over the operation of the camp.  Share, Inc. adopted MITIOG as one of its projects, and since that time, has worked to broaden the participation of program leadership through more community involvement in planning and promotion; increase community financial support; broaden the program to a year-round effort to provide more comprehensive services; and to look at options making it possible to serve more children in this under-served population.

In 1993, the Cystic Fibrosis Organization stopped all camping programs.  This happened because of one or two deaths which occurred in other parts of the country due to association with other CF children.  This left MITIOG to service only children with Spina Bifida.  Because of the larger than expected number of these Spina Bifida children, MITIOG has grown to service between 50 to 55 children annually.  About 57 Spina Bifida children is the most our camp facilities can hold at this time.