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Masters of Magic

REZA grabs the audience and never lets go with his enchanting charm and amazing, cutting-edge grand illusion. You will witness his demonstrations of the impossible as he walks through a wall of solid metal, appears and vanishes instantly, and even divides a beautiful girl into five distinct sections. Reza's signature piece involves making a prediction on an old VHS tape months before the show, and reaching into the minds (and hearts) of a few very lucky members of the audience.

Since the age of seven he has astonished thousands by mastering the art of magic and illusion. By fifteen he landed an extended engagement in Branson, Missouri, and today he makes a habit of performing for top stars in the music world like Switchfoot and Sugarland. With scores of fans around the country, this up-and-coming star of magic takes his original ideas and constructs a performance that blows the audience away. He is intriguing, engaging, and captivating. He has the ability to connect with audiences, and let them feel his magic on a personal level. Reza isn't just a magician - he is an entertainer.